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Sports and Activities

Camp Abilities is an educational sports camp for kids who are blind or visually impaired. Each year we strive to add new, exciting sports and activities for the campers to try. Our current sports and activities include:

Beep Kickball


The fun game of kickball has been modified to include kids of all abilities. We have added a beeping ball, beeping bases, as well as slip'n'slides to cool everyone down. Eye masks level the playing field for all participants. 

Stand-Up Paddleboarding

Stand Up Paddleboarding seems to be the hit of the week. The kids are able to nagivate the baords around the lake, jump off, and be independent all at the same time. Little to no accommodations are needed to make paddlebaording fun for all of our kids. 


We just introduced archery at the 2016 camp. Accommodations needed to make this activity accessible to all individuals was sound sources behind the targets so students could find the target, balloons on the target to provide auditory feedback if the arrow hit the target, and a very descriptive hand-over-hand demonstration of the eqipment. 



Swimming reqired little to no accommodations. Some instruction was needed to show the shape of the swim area, where the floating dock was, and where the ladders were. A tactile map was created by the Florida State University students to help describe this area.

Information on more sports and activities coming soon. Other sports include kayaking, canoeing, fishing. Activities include adapted games, talent show, dance party, among others. 
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